"Bohemian: n. a person who lives free of regard for conventional rules and practices." - Random House

"'Farewell,' she said, then rose light and clear as a bubble up through the sea." - The Little Mermaid

Bohemian Mermaid is my artful adventure in beautiful Humboldt County, California. Everything here has been hand dyed and printed by me, Bekki Scotto Johnson.

I love love love fabric and all fiber arts, which I have been exploring since I was a child at my mother’s knee. Growing up I enjoyed crochet, embroidery and sewing the most. While earning my fine arts degree at Humboldt State University, I incorporated textiles into every medium I studied including metal sculpture, glassblowing, photography and painting. I furthered my textile education by studying fabric surface design, silk painting and weaving at university as well.

During my time in college, I started selling my crocheted and beaded items at small festivals under the name Panky-Lou. Immediately I knew this was the job for me. After graduation, I decided to switch to dyed clothing and the rest is history!

For me, it’s all about creativity, color, texture and fun. I love making wearables because I think art should be enjoyed every day. Keeping the traditions of textiles alive, as the traditional ‘womens arts’, is important to me. So I teach in my community and love to come up with new craft kits for sale.

Above all, I have a deep need to live a free and creative life, and encourage others to do the same. I love my art-filled days in the studio and traveling to sell my wares at festivals full time. Every Bohemian Mermaid customer is supporting my ideal life and I am thankful to each one.

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