Where to Buy

*New Retail Shop*
The new Bohemian Mermaid retail shop is open for business! If you are in the Eureka, Ca area, stop in at 511 6th Street to see what's new. Along with my full line of clothing, I'll be adding beautiful handmade items from my local artist friends, such as jewelry and fine art. Isn't this exciting?! Google Maps

Craft Fairs
Bohemian Mermaid is sold at craft fairs and festivals throughout Northern California and Southern Oregon. The second best way to see, touch and try on everything I have to offer is to visit my booth at my next show. Check the calendar for my festival schedule, it's updated regularly. I'll have all my stock out, a dressing room and plenty of time to help you find the perfect outfit. I love it!

Fabulous New Website
After years of goofy free sites and awkward domains, I am thrilled to have this shiny new site up and running. I am working hard to keep stock info up to date and will be adding more clothing items over time. However, not every single thing I make will always be shown here. If you have seen something at a festival lately, but don't see it on the site, please contact me to see if I still have it. You may also choose to order custom items, your perfect style and size. See the Custom Orders page for more information.

Mermaid Parties
Invite your Mermaid loving friends over for a Mermaid Party. I can set up a display in your home or garden, even bring another local crafter or two if you like. You will not only have a great time hosting your Mermaid party, you'll also receive a portion of all sales made, by way of free handmade goods. A seriously fun event to do in the summer time, as well as around the winter holidays.

Contact me to schedule your Mermaid Party.

Retail Outlets
To submit a wholesale inquiry, see the Wholesale page.

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